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Extra opening hours for Mothers Day

It’s now rolling up to Mother’s Day on the 18th March and we at GT Flowers aim to make everyones’ life easier with extended opening hours and fantastic bargains at both branches this coming month. Check out in store and online for upcoming offers and opening times.

We’ll kick off with our yearly Mother’s Day plant extravaganza on the evening of the 8th March where we will have masses of fresh plants and arrangements. Prepare to be early as it is usually a crazy night, flowers and sundries are also open if you choose to have a lie in the following day!

Sunday March 11th will bring some more offers for foliage in flowers and some extra special offers in sundries along with more plants!

We will have some new bouquets available for Mother’s Day week, a value pink bouquet at around £2.50 and a larger pink one around £5.00.

So if you’ve not been paying attention the extra hours are….
Thursday 8th March 5pm – 8pm
Sunday 11th March 7am – 11am
Friday 16th March 5pm – 8pm
Saturday 17th March 5pm – 8pm
Sunday 18th March 5am – 8am